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I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog the last few days. I just launched a new design on and with it came some weird server load issues that I’m still working on. And when my head is in nerd-land, I don’t blog much. Or tweet much, for that matter. :)

But, I wanted to come out of my hole to tell you about a brand new report that just came out from Gideon Shalwick. If you don’t know Gideon, he worked with Yaro with the Become A Blogger program. Gideon is the guy who makes the videos over there look FANTASTIC. He is a hell of a video blogger and knows the field really well. He is a video expert who understands marketing and that’s just not something you see every day.

Well, Gideon just launched his Rapid Video Blogging report. And it is 92 pages of awesome.

I had the opportunity to preview this report a few months ago. One might think that, because I blog for a living, that there isn’t much these reports could teach me. Well, think again. I went through this thing taking notes! Had some really killer ideas from it, actually. It even motivated me to resurrect my own Youtube channel and many of the videos you may have seen over there recently probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for this report.

Then, Gideon had a baby. And babies can be rather unpredictable in their timing (trust me, I know) so the release of the report got delayed a bit. Family always comes first.

So, today, it is FINALLY released. And I know you’re going to get as much from it as I did.

Why You Should Read This

You’ve got to realize something here (and after you read this report, it will be clear)…

It is easy to assume that the Internet has gotten too saturated to really stand out. If you come into this as a new blogger, how can you possibly stand out and get any traction? How do you build from zero to a solid online income? Obviously, you can do it and people like me are all about showing you how.

But…. when it comes to VIDEO, it is like the early days of blogging all over again! There just isn’t that much “competition”. And most people out there making videos really have no idea how to do it or optimize them properly. You may have also heard just how powerful videos can be for search engine rankings. It is true.

You don’t have to be mixed in with the hoardes of text-only bloggers. You don’t need to bow down to gurus in this game. You can beat them.


Check out this report from Gideon to learn what I’m talking about. You will quickly learn that this information will be the pathway to bigger things for you when it comes to your online endeavors.

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