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Looking for a job can be difficult on your own. With today’s job market it can be harder than ever to find a job. Using an employment staffing company or a recruiter to help you with your job search can be vital. These options are often unknown possibilities that many people fail to take advantage of. Below we will discuss how these options can be beneficial to you.

5 Benefits of Using A Staffing Company or Recruiter

1. Recruiters are in the loop with large companies. Usually recruiters know positions that not only are available but positions that will be coming available in the future. Knowing where job openings are at in today’s market is half the battle. Recruiters can let you know exactly what a company expects from you giving you the upper hand.
2. Recruiters have great contacts. Even if the recruiter you are using doesn’t have any job openings available for your career they most likely know someone that does. Recruiters have a larger network for job opportunities since it is their niche.
3. Staffing companies need to fill the positions they have available to make money. There business depends upon them being able to fill jobs with good candidates quickly. Often if you are applying for a job held by a staffing company they are a little more relaxed and easier to get an interview with than a larger company.
4. Talking to someone in the human resources department of a large company can require an appointment and may not be possible. Usually staffing companies have small offices and you can walk in any time during business hours and speak to someone face to face. Human interaction can go a long way in landing you a job.
5. A staffing company can provide you with a temporary position to get job experience and carry you over until you land the job you want. For recent college graduates with little or no work experience this can be a great way to gain experience and employment until they find the exact position you are looking for. If you are in between jobs temporary work from staffing companies can help carry you financially until you land another position.

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