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Question: How does one negotiate for a job when inquiring about one without having a career? One feels vulnerable after being out of work for a long time or gaps in employment. –K-

Discussing a job when you don’t have experience. First you need to make sure you are feeling confident about yourself when you discuss jobs with a potential employer.

Second, we all have to start somewhere, even if we lack experience so it’s best to be looking for an entry level position. Third and most important, is to make sure you have a good outline of your personal assets so you can talk to an employer about them.

In other words: Why would an employer do well to hire you? Are you reliable? Can they depend on you to show up on time and do the job? Can they expect you to go the extra mile to get the job done? Can you learn new things quickly? Willing to learn? I got a job while in college as a floral designer. I hadn’t done the work much less ever arrange flowers. What I did do, however, was to go speak to the owner with a genuine desire to learn and find out what it took to do the job. They saw how eager I was to learn and hired me.

You have to know within yourself what you want to do and get in front of these people ready to show them that you will be a great employee.

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