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Matt writes:

I’m a new MBA grad who has secured an interview as marketing/sales manager for the regional office of a company that focuses on digital forensic reconstruction of accidents, both mechanical and biological. I would be mainly dealing with the insurance adjusters and the attorney’s of the clients.

It sounds pretty intense, and I feel blessed to even be considered and given a chance to interview with them. I will be up against some people with a lot more industry experience, but I have age and energy on my side so we will see what happens. Do you have any tips, pointers or anything that can be of use in preparing for the interview?

The Career Doctor responds:

  1. Be sure to thoroughly research the company and industry. Be prepared to answer such questions as:
    • What do you know about [name of company]?
    • Why do you want to work for [name of company]?
    • What do you know about digital forensic reconstruction of accidents?
    • Why do you want to work in the field of digital forensic reconstruction of accidents?
  2. Since the job is in marketing/sales, you might be asked to “sell” something to the interviewer. A common trick is to hand you something like a pencil and ask you to sell it to the interviewer. So, be prepared with what you would say in a sales pitch.
  3. Review commonly asked interview questions. Think about your responses; better yet, write them down.
  4. Body-language/nonverbal stuff for the interview:
  • Smile
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Project your voice confidently
  • Sit slightly forward in your chair to look eager
  • Obviously, your interpersonal and communication skills will be paramount for this position. So do everything you can to project that you are personable. Establish rapport. Speak articulately. Be prepared to handle a question like: “We prefer to hire someone with at least 4 years of professional outside insurance or legal industry sales experience. Tell us why we should hire you when you don’t have that?” Obviously, your MBA will be value-added for this position. Th employer obviously wants someone with problem-solving, conflict-resolution skills, so think of some good examples of when you’ve demonstrated those.
  • Try to get someone to do a practice/mock interview with you beforehand.
  • BE SURE TO WRITE A THANK-YOU NOTE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INTERVIEW TO EVERYONE YOU INTERVIEWED WITH!!!!! You can send it by e-mail first, and then follow up with a written or typed note sent by postal mail.
  • Review more interview resources.
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