Light A Bonfire This Week In Your Job Search

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There’s something about a big bonfire that gets us going.  That stirs something in us.

Do you remember big bonfire moments in your life?

  1. A high school or college rally the night before the big football game.
  2. A beach party celebrating the end of summer
  3. The closing event for a sleepover camp up in the mountains

Bonfires stimulate in so many ways that they can’t help but stoke your senses.  And give you a powerful feeling of being in the moment.

the searing heat: no matter how close you sit, you can feel it like small pins on your cheeks

the bright glare: big and growing flames that drink up the oxygen

the exploding sounds: loud pops and crackles as embers snap

And in job search it seems like you need to light a fire.  To clear your mind.  To energize your body and to drive purposeful action.

But it can be especially helpful when you are heading into an important week.  An interview with a target company.  To focus your attention.  And to prepare your mind.

The problem is that some weeks it is hard to get the fire started.  You are often kneeling in the sand, knees being scraped by the rock and debris. Rubbing two sticks together and not getting any heat.  Not even a wisp of smoke on which to blow to flame.

But you have to keep trying.

Because if you start your week the way you always do – sitting at the computer – you are likely to end up the same way at the end of the week.

Sitting at the computer wondering where all the job leads are.  And wondering why no one has called you back.

So how do you kick off your week off in a big way?  With confidence?  And with a purpose?

Well, you light a big fire, of course.  Here’s how:

1. Get your kindling together – You need the right wood to create a good fire.  A dry wood that burns hot and big.  In job search, what creates a good fire is the right marketing tools.  Examples include a strong resume and cover letter, elevator pitch, networking bio and business cards.  Need some new ideas? You can find your kindling all in one place via these free downloads for job seekers.

3.  Invite a crowd – You can’t have a great bonfire without a crowd.  And if you haven’t created a network that cares, you have some work to do.  To keep yourself top of mind.  And once you have, you need to invite them to the party.  Send out a note this week to your network.  Reminding them that you are still out here.  That you need their help.  And make sure they are reminded of your specific job search objectives.

4.  Generate oxygen – You do this every week in the way that you network – by helping others.  By connecting people.  And by physically getting out of the house where people can find you.  And where your candidacy for new jobs can take in a big deep breath.

4.  Light a match – What ignites the kindling is your mindset.  A belief in yourself and in the knowledge that you can do great things.  Because if you can’t back up your materials with confidence, your materials will fall flat.  A great resume gets the phone interview.  But a lack of confidence or an inability to tell your great story simply gets you the door.

5. Keep it going – Like any good flame, this one needs to be fed.  With strong thank you notes to your network.  With follow-ups (things you promised to do for others).  With updates and improvements to your marketing materials.  And by adding new contacts every week to your list.

Well, what are you waiting for?  This fire won’t light itself, right?

Posted via email from AndyWergedal