Leveraging Technology for your Job Search - Vol 1 - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." - Carl Sagan

Most (if not all) job searches must leverage technology to be successful these days. Even the "low tech" methods require that you have a resume in Word, pdf or some other electronic version. But to be honest, successful job search requires technology these days. I've written a number of posts on this topic, but the technology changes and improves so often these days, it doesn't hurt to provide updates from time to time. Even CareerAlley is now "mobile ready" if you view it on your smartphone (or Blackberry) browser (take a look). Too much to cover in one article, so consider this volume 1 for now. So what's changed, new or not covered before?

Podcasts: Most of you are aware of podcasts and many of you watch (or listen) to podcasts in some way, shape or form. There are free podcasts you can leverage in your job search:

  • Secrets of the Job Hunt - Great topics (the link to the left will take you to the podcast in iTunes) complement the Secrets of the Job Hunt website. Depending on the topic, which range from job search strategies to advice for recent grads, each podcast runs 2 to 25 minutes or so. You can listen to these while sitting in front of your computer (a few are video podcasts) or while using your iPod, this is a great way to get valuable information to help in your job hunt. By the way, did I mention that these are free?
  • JobDig - Another podcast for job search, the link to the left will take you to the podcast in iTunes (JobDig offers other formats as well from their podcast page at JobDig Podcasts). These podcasts (also free) range from 4 to 10 minutes or so and complement the JobDig.com website. Topics range from job advice to job search tips. Also worth a listen.
  • The Savvy Jobseeker - One more for you (and yes, the link to the left takes you to the podcast in iTunes), The Savvy Jobseeker (website = savvyjobseeker.com) also provides free podcasts with topics that range from "Tips to landing a high-paying job" to "How to choose job references". Each of the podcasts range from 14 to 30 minutes or so.
Smartphones: This is not just about the iPhone anymore. There is now a long list of smartphones out there on just about every cellphone provider network. From Apps to web-browsers, you can leverage your smartphone to stay mobile in your job search. Three are listed below, just the tip of the iceberg. All have their pros and cons, so make sure you understand this before you make your choice.
  • Google Nexus One - At the writing of this article, Google's Nexus One is the latest entry in the smartphone category. Using Google's Android phone operating system and available on several carriers, the smartphone functionality that will help you in your job search: access to email on the fly, voicemail, job search apps (like CareerBuilder), social networking as well as productivity apps (to do lists, calendar, etc.).
  • Palm Pre - Another new entry into the smartphone category, Palm's Pre (and now the Pre Plus) is a good alternative for a smartphone, offering all of the essentials you will need to keep your job search mobile - web access, email access, social networking (including LinkedIn), productivity (to do and calendar) and apps. At the moment, only available on the Sprint Network (which boasts a 4G network).
  • Apple's iPhone - I could not cover this category without covering the iPhone (my personal favorite). With the exception of the AT&T network, which is passable at best, the iPhone still offers the best selection of apps specific to job search (from free to "paid" apps). Integrated email, visual voicemail, web-browser, productivity (to do lists, calendar, etc.).
Other Tech to consider:
  • Twitter - Yes, you can use Twitter for job search. There are countless Twitter members who offer leads, advice and more (CareerAlley is one!). You can follow those Twitter members that offer the best match for you job search needs. You can check Twitter on your computer or your smartphone.
Good luck in your search.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal