How Job Seekers Can Use Opportunity Channels To Find More Interviews - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

There are a number of potential opportunity channels that job seekers can use to find more interviews, but most candidates only use just two or three.

How many of these channels do you use in your job search campaign?

What worked before in a good job market with plenty of low hanging fruit, just isn't good enough today. When the job market is at it's most competitive ever in our lifetimes, successful candidates have to do more work to find the right opportunities, looking in places they might not have bothered with in their last job search when times were better.

What's An Opportunity Channel?

An opportunity channel, for those who aren't in marketing, is simply a defined place to find opportunities. When there are more jobs than opportunities, unless you are trying to make a tough career change, you might only need to use the easiest and most obvious of these sources. But in today's market, candidates need all the help they can get, and are wise to expand their search to include new channels. Keeping as many lines in the water that produce results is a good tactic in a market where jobs are in short supply.

But what are the major opportunity channels?

The Opportunity Channels Most Candidates Use:

Chances are, you're already using at least two, if not all three of the channels that most candidates use. These are the easy and obvious channels - they can work when there are labor shortages with more jobs than people. But these channels are over competitive in today's market with an over supply of labor:

1. Job Boards ...
2. Recruiters ...
3. Close Network ...

Additional Opportunity Channels To Explore:

There are three more opportunity channels that few job seekers use. Why are they seldom used? These are less obvious, seldom taught, and when they are used ... they are typically misused, with poor results.

To learn more about how opportunity channels can help you find more interviews and the hidden job market ... ( Continued )


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