Government Thinks Job Seekers are Lazy | JibberJobber Blog

I don’t even know where to start on this – I’ve had the web page open for days just trying to figure out how to handle it: Unemployed Working Hard To Find Jobs, Despite Depiction as Spoiled Brats.

It is a disgusting generalization that shows how out-of-touch lawmakers are with the current state of affairs that we’re dealing with.

I’m sure there are some people who are abusing unemployment “benefits.”  However, most people (anyone who reads my blog) are not sitting around feeling entitled and comfortable.

Listen here senators: People want to get back to work.  Unemployment Insurance is a FRACTION of what they used to make.  They don’t want to sit around and cheat the government.

$290 a week in UI doesn’t go very far!

I’m not saying that there should be unlimited UI… but the discussion needs to shift from these supposed entitled and lazy people.

Focus on the core issues.  If we don’t get some REAL jobs in the U.S we’re quite a ways away from getting out of the depression/recession/whateverYouWantToCallIt.

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