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Carol writes:

I believe that I have successfully described my “transferable” skills on my resume and in cover letters. I do not have a large network of friends or associates whom I can tap to help me. I have been posting resumes on company web sites when I see a job that catches my attention. I went to a couple of job fairs (no luck). I gave up on web sites such as, Monster or CareerBuilders.

The Career Doctor responds:

You need to build your network. Networking — particularly face-to-face — is the best way to find jobs. You can’t just throw up your hands and say you don’t have a network. Everyone has the capacity to build a network. Especially try informational interviews. Here are a couple of resources:

And don’t forget how bad the economy is and this is the worst possible time to be having to look for a job.

Best of luck and success to you.

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