10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Office Workstation - Careers Articles

The best way to increase your productivity during the day is to make some changes to your workstation. Brightening up your workstation can give you the extra boost you need to get started on a new project or assignment.

Since your workstation is a small space, it only takes a few steps to making it feel like new.

Try these 10 tips in redesigning your office workstation:

1. Let there be light

Overhead fluorescent lighting, found in most offices, can be harsh on your eyes during the work day. Instead of using fluorescent lighting, invest in a floor lamp or desk lamp. In addition to adding a new light to the space, plug in a lamp that shows off your personality, whether it be a bright color or a funky lamp shade.

2. Rearrange furniture

Change up your scenery by moving your computer to another area in your office workstation. Adjust your monitor and keyboard so that they align properly with your wrists and eyes.

3. Office seating

The proper office chair is key to staying comfortable throughout your work day. If you can't invest in a new office chair, try adding a pillow to support your back, and adjust the height of the seat so you stay eye level with your computer. Even a simple touch, such as draping a colorful scarf over the chair, will be enough to give your workstation a new look.

4. Go green

Adding flowers or a small plant to the office workstation will give you the perfect piece of the outdoors that you need to stay motivated throughout your work day. Plus, flowers will bring a new, fresh scent to your workstation.

5. Stylish organization

Switch out your file folders and other organization supplies with new, brightly colored ones. It will be easier to stay organized with stylish supplies that reflect your personality and bring your design sense to your workstation.

6. Friendly Faces

Add photos of your family and friends to your workstation, but instead of pinning them up to the wall, keep them in frames on your desk. Having these friendly faces around will provide the boost you need when working through a tough day.

7. Fresh coat of paint

Even if you're limited in the range of colors you can paint your office, a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up the area. Stuck in a cubicle? Check with your boss, and see if it's OK to cover some of the walls in wallpaper or other colorful paper.

8. Surround yourself with inspiration

Include some of your favorite pieces of art in your workstation, from photographs of your favorite places to relaxing beach scenes. Keep it simple in your workstation by adding only a few art pieces to the wall in coordinating frames that pop. Are you a big sports fans? An avid scuba diver? A musical fanatic? Bring in a few pieces that hold good memories for you and keep them on your desk. Not only will they make you smile, they will be great conversation starters as well.

9. Cozy carpet

When changing the look of a small office workstation, make simple changes from the ceiling to the floor for ultimate impact. Switch out the traditional chair mat with a cozy carpet. The splash of color on the floor in addition to the plush fabric will turn the space from sterile to homey.

10. Disguise your desk

The typical workstation consists of a drab-looking desk. By adding some colorful place mats to your desk, it will look like new and feel a lot more like home.

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