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A few weeks ago, I asked you What is the Main Hub of Your Personal Brand Online?

Real people, real blogs

2 people took up the cause:

Steve Campbell of the Social Branding Blog had this to say:

“My blog is my main hub. It’s the site that all of my social profiles link to and it is where I do the majority of my personal branding.

Blogs are great because if you update them frequently they do really well in search engines and you can show off your expertise in your field of interest. I think everyone should have a blog, especially if you are developing your brand and trying to stand out from the crowd.”

Altaeeblog‘s Mohammed Al-Taee, a long-time Personal Branding Blog commenter, added:

“I would say my Blog and twitter… I think I looked at many experts’ hubs and try to see what suit my brand. It’s important to be you, not someone else at all whether offline or online.”

The 10 reasons to blog are…

Together, Steve and Mohammed give 5 reasons to use your blog as your main personal branding hub:

  1. Centralized brand-building target for visitors from your social media profiles
  2. Grow your brand by more easily attracting visitors from search engines
  3. Show off your expertise
  4. Stand out from the crowd, only limited by your imagination and the blog software
  5. Develop your own voice, even if inspired by others, without the baggage of others

To which I will add another 5 reasons:

  1. You’re more likely to bond with bloggers if you are one too
  2. Blogs are open and don’t require membership to impress, unlike forums, clubs and professional associations
  3. However, blogging in a closed community is a great way to endear yourself to that community
  4. If you buy your own domain name and host your own blog, you own it completely and can reuse the content any way you like without having to worry about what some company thinks
  5. Similarly, your blog exists as long as you choose i.e. you’re not depending on others – blog network or social network – who may disappear at any moment and take your blog with them


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