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Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else” - James M. Barrie

Author Byline: Ali Webster, Pinstripe
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A few weeks ago, I held a roundtable discussion with recruiters on their opinions of and experience with social media sites. Mentioning LinkedIn elicited a positive response and Facebook stimulated a robust discussion about balancing their personal and professional lives. When I brought up Twitter, one of the recruiters responded “eh…” and another shrugged her shoulders (sigh).

After the crickets stopped chirping, they only expressed concerns:

  • My daily schedule is full. How do I have enough time to be twittering?
  • I get how LinkedIn works, I’m getting the hang of Facebook, but Twitter is a mystery.
  • Who will follow me on The Twitter? I’m not that interesting.

Recruiters recognized that some companies were successful recruiting candidates on Twitter, but could not picture themselves as active users.

Rewind to January 2010, when I found myself in a situation that has nothing to do with social media…

After doing some research, I found that buying a house provided a substantial return-on-investment, better than purchasing a condo, renting or living in my mother’s basement, especially with the current tax credit. Minor problem: I had no idea how to go about buying a house. So I took a trip to Barnes & Noble and bought the most obvious book possible, “Home Buying for Dummies.” Bringing the book to closing at the bank elicited some laughter from my loan officer and sitting on the floor in front of the sump pumps at Home Depot with my subsequent purchase of “Home Maintenance for Dummies” provoked stares from more savvy home-owners. However, I overcame my worries about how time consuming this would be and the dread of spending entire weekends trimming trees & gardening after learning about the process. I did the research, absorbed a lot of information and eventually purchased a house.

Leaping into some unfamiliar terrain (i.e. Twitter) is worth the time it takes to learn something new and make some mistakes along the way for that ever-so-satisfying ROI. With the right tools and resources, recruiters who can alleviate their fears about Twitter, become consistent users and feel a glow of satisfaction when that first candidate rolls right into their applicant tracking system. Don’t believe me? Talk to attendees of ERE’s #SocialRecruiting Summit.

I’m looking for recruiters who don’t have enough time to pick up a copy The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter. What questions do you have? How can I help you understand Twitter enough so that you can improve your sourcing & recruiting efforts? Tell me (I won’t make you fork over $26.99). Too shy to comment? Fine. Read Geoff Peterson’s post on 3 Ways Recruiter Can Get a Jump Start in Social Media instead.

Seriously, do not go buy that book. Post a comment below & get ready for an answer.

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Good luck in your search.

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