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Here is the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

Getting a job is easy! That’s right, you heard me! It is easy. Get your skills in front of the person who is willing to pay for them and you have a job. The hard part is defining your skills and displaying them in front of the right person, at the right time. Don’t despair, keep going, don’t give up. The light is just around the corner.

Here is the Top 5 This Week

1." target="_blank">Jobs Out of The Blue – [CareerAlley]

Rarely does anyone become an overnight sensation or find a job overnight. But the point is, you never know where your next break will come from so the best bet is to look at every opportunity no matter how remote the chance.

2. How To Prepare For A Career Or Job Fair – [Tims Strategy]

I’ve written a few other posts on career and job fairs. As I’ve written them, my mind turns to the old school aspects. They are from a prior age. Before meetups, tweetups and other more modern networking events.

3. Job Search Over a 100k – The Options – []

If you’re considering doing a job search over a 100K, then you need to think beyond the little green pieces of paper. After all, even if you have all the right qualifications for a 100K job, do you have what it takes?

4. 30 Strong Action Verbs To Spice Up Your Resume – [Career Rocketeer]

These phrases are boring and repetitive because most every job seeker uses them. Hiring managers need words that jump off the page and captivate them.

5. The hidden trend in the monthly jobs report — and what it means for yous – [Paula Caliguiri]

Unemployment is high (9.7%) and private sector job growth is weak. On the same day, stocks fell to their 4-month low, with concerns that high unemployment forecasts lower consumer spending. From Wall Street’s perspective, this makes sense. Main Street, however, might have a different interpretation.

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