Long-Term Unemployment is Highest on Record (scary) | JibberJobber Blog

Here is some interesting information, from the Huffington Post: Long-Term Unemployed Now 46 Percent Of Unemployed, Highest Percentage On Record.

This is a scary aspect of “unemployment” that you don’t hear about often.  I think, though, in the scariness, there is opportunity.  Many of those who are long-term unemployed, and want to get back to work, are skilled and/or hungry.  Perhaps even desperate.  Maybe some of them will start their own companies.

The strength of the U.S. could be, it’s been argued, in the small businesses and capitalism.  If that is the case, perhaps it would be awesome to see much of this talent move to “self-employed,” and see where that goes.

I really need to pick up Daniel Pink’s Free Agent Nation… a book that is fairly old (2002) but I have hears about it for a while, which talks about this idea.

Scary, but full of opportunity, don’t you think?  Or is that just wishful thinking… ?