Job Search Over a 100K – The Options 

If you’re considering doing a job search over a 100K, then you need to think beyond the little green pieces of paper. After all, even if you have all the right qualifications for a 100K job, do you have what it takes? It is not easy maintaining a 100K job, let me tell you. In fact, it is downright hard.

Securing a 100K job too, is much more difficult than it used to be, what with the recession hitting our economy hard.

Moreover, the competition isn’t getting any easier, and let’s face it, no matter how good you are at whatever you do, someone will always, always be better than you. So you need to keep that in mind when you’re doing an employment search over 100K.

So what are your options when you’re looking to work in 100K jobs?


This is one field where you can still easily find a job of over a 100K, relative to other fields. In fact, the average salary for pharmacists, in 2008, when we were deeply in the grasp of recession was actually $106,410! Obviously, two years down the line, the figure has moved upward, because we’ve managed to come out of recession! So what is the career profile of a pharmacist?

You need to prepare medicines and drugs for patients and give them healthcare advice as well as monitor health progress in patients. A doctorate course in pharmacy – which translates into a higher salary – usually takes about four years.

Finance manager

Always had a head for accounting? Then your career search for 100K jobs should definitely include this profession, because most people get puzzled by numbers and your love for numbers could therefore make you a very sought after professional indeed!

But, just like any other field, experience is the basic key for a high salary here. If you don’t have considerably experience, you might not be in line for that fat paycheck.

Human Resource manager

They are the most hated people in a company and most employees are resentful of their power. But, a 100K job search is incomplete without this position, simply because it is extremely high paying. After all, the future of the company depends on its human resource department!

In order to reach the top, the minimum qualification is a master’s degree or a doctorate. Human resource isn’t child’s play and not for nothing is it so high paying – you can earn much more than the 100K you’re targeting -, but the good news is, a lot of people do manage to crack it!

If you are looking to work in 100K jobs, there are a vast number of options apart from this that you can go in for. In fact, almost every field offers 100K jobs if you have sufficient experience. So do a job search over 100K now and be surprised!

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