Is Your Recruiter Any Closer To The Job Than You? - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

You're excited because you just got a call from a recruiter who sought you out. Should you really be excited? While some recruiters can help you, others may hurt your chances to land a specific opportunity - still others may just waste your time.

Not all recruiters are equal. How can you tell if a recruiter is any closer to the job opportunity than you are?

It usually boils down to the relationship that the recruiter has with the hiring manager - not just with the company, but the hiring manager. There are a number of different types of recruiter relationships, and it helps to determine which kind of relationship your recruiter has.

How can you tell which type of recruiter has contacted you? Which type is the most productive to work with? What should you do if you are working with the wrong type but on the right opportunity?

Remember, just because a recruiter has contacted you, doesn't mean you have to work with them. If you choose to not work with a recruiter, but prefer to work with another recruiter closer to the hiring manager, emailing the recruiter that you don't wish for them to represent you should do the trick. Make sure you put the recruiter on notice that you don't want them forwarding your resume.

If they have already forwarded your resume to one of your target companies, email the hiring manager and HR department to inform them that you are not working with this recruiter (this helps avoid the risk of conflicts for the hiring manager).

These are all questions that should be running through the job seekers' mind while trying to determine what kind of recruiter you want to work with.

Here are some of the basic types of recruiters:

1) Retained recruiter ...
2) Contingent fee recruiter ...
3) Splits recruiter or sourcer ...
4) Recruiter with no relationship ...

( Continued ... )


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