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Here is the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

The readership of employment websites was all over the map this week–can anyone explain why? I suspect it’s the nice weather and the summer vacation spirit. At any rate…

Here is the Top 5 This Week

1. Questions to Ask When Making a Career Transition – [Employment Digest]

I work with many clients who are moving through a career transition. The desire for a transition comes from different places and for different reasons. Transitions can be made with intention or accelerated through circumstance. Wherever you are, these questions can help you make choices that align with your wants, needs and values.

2. 7 Personal Branding Lessons From an Unlikely Source – [Brand Yourself]

Have you visited your local farmer’s market recently? If not, you are probably missing out on a couple of interesting lessons (and a few tasty vine-ripened tomatoes). Sellers at the farmer’s market face an extremely difficult task: with similar products being offered left and right, each seller must somehow stand out from the rest to succeed.

3. Job Search Advice Worth Repeating – [Secrets of The Job Hunt]

As I dig through blogs and filter through tweets I am looking for original ideas. How can I put a fresh spin on something that’s been said one thousand times by hundreds of experts? The answer certainly
isn’t easy. Maybe it is enough to just repeat the message.

4. Put Down The Objective and Back Away Slowly – [Career Rocketeer]

It is beyond me why, in this day and age, job seekers still insist on using an objective statement. I can understand if you’re a new grad or fresh out of high school; in these situations an objective is permissible. But if you’re a professional, seasoned job seeker, or have more than two years of experience, put down the objective and slowly back away.

5. Long Term Unemployment is Highest on Record, Scary – [Jibber Jobber]

This is a scary aspect of “unemployment” that you don’t hear about often. I think, though, in the scariness, there is opportunity. Many of those who are long-term unemployed, and want to get back to work, are skilled and/or hungry. Perhaps even desperate. Maybe some of them will start their own companies..

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