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It is not news to anyone that the job market seems to be more competitive every day. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you pursue your next position.

1. Maintain Your PMA

First and foremost, always do whatever it takes to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). You are not obligated to surrender to all the doom and gloom that is presented daily. Period.

Finding your next perfect job will require energy and motivation that you have direct control over. When you keep a PMA, your desires and confidence will more likely be maintained. Read any of the numerous materials available daily to maintain your emotional, mental and spiritual best.

2. Maintain Faith

Maintaining you PMA will be influenced by your faith or beliefs. You will find encouragement and strength to prevail when you know deep-down inside that you have what it takes to find and secure your dream job. Some even go so far as to suggest, “Fake it until you make it!”

This is not to be confused with religious faith, however a source of strength that provides one, but may be as basic as the simple belief that you do deserve good things and have what it takes to achieve them. Feed that belief in yourself because of your talents, skills and life experiences. These are the intangible aspects that determine how you act and carry yourself.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Aim High

Since jobs are scarcer, the competition has increased for all available positions. Why not use that as motivation to go out and find that job now that you have always felt would be perfect for you? Think about the firm you would like to work with or a field you know you are qualified for. Picture yourself performing successfully every aspect of that dream position. This may prove to be the time you fulfill a dream and not just find another job.

4. Go for It with Full-Force

That means in one sense, do whatever it might take to see your dream fulfilled. Network with others and don’t be afraid to voice your desires and ask for job leads from others. Make a commitment to yourself to send a specific number of resumes out each week. Keep your goals in mind and look for those opportunities that will keep you on the path to fulfill your ultimate dreams.

5. Seek Appropriate Professional Services

Yes, when things are tough, it may seem counter-productive to spend more money. However, maybe it is wise to consider these two suggestions as more of an investment in yourself.

Find a reputable resume service to create one for you or to update and refine yours. These are professionals that know how to highlight your skills and experience in the most effective way.

Secondly, consider using a professional employment service. These are people that may have many job listings the general public will never see. They also may offer some tips to prepare you for specific interviews.

Always consider putting as many factors in your favor as is possible.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal