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from Jacob Share

Where to go on LinkedIn to learn and discuss personal branding.

How I compiled this list

My goal was to find the groups that truly are the best destinations on LinkedIn for personal branding.

First, I ran a search in the Groups Directory on the keywords “personal branding.” Glancing at the results, you can immediately see that some of the groups mention personal branding but are really focused elsewhere, such as on job search in general. Yes, you can definitely get good personal branding information on some of those groups too, but I wanted a tighter focus for this list. Ignoring those, I joined the remaining ones where I wasn’t already a member, limiting myself to groups with over 200 members.

Before I started compiling this article, I thought that I’d have no problem making a Top 10. After a closer look, the sad reality is that many of the supposedly personal branding-oriented LinkedIn groups were either created mainly to build the personal brand of the group owner or they’re nothing more than spam exchanges with little-to-no substance for group members, trying to cash in on the hype about personal branding.

Avoiding these time-wasters, the list below contains the few groups that are truly worth joining specifically for your personal branding needs. Like any LinkedIn group, they each have their share of spam but whether it’s moderated or not, at this time their level of spam is not something that will bother you.

The Top LinkedIn groups for personal branding

Name: Personal Branding Network

Size: 4,059 members

Main language: English

Official description: The Personal Branding Network is a collective group of individuals, spread across the globe, who come together to build powerful brands. Whether it’s professional or personal development, the PB Network will connect you with experts who can answer your questions. The PB Network was established by leading expert and author, Dan Schawbel, and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

My take: This is THE biggest and best LinkedIn group for personal branding, no surprise at all given that Dan created it and is active in it. The News section contains links to articles that teach (for the most part), the Discussions section has real people engaging in real conversations, and the Jobs section has (some) job listings. A good place to ask your personal branding questions.

Name: Authentic Personal Branding

Size: 962 members

Main language: English

Official description: In today’s online and virtual age, an authentic personal brand is becoming increasingly essential and is key to personal success. It’s important to build your authentic personal brand and be the CEO of your life. The Authentic Personal Branding Group has been created to share ideas in this field with others and to create business opportunities through networking. ENERGIZING YOUR AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRAND IS OUR PASSION. By way of this group, we promise to help you to realize your dreams.

My take: although a decent-sized group, there isn’t too much discussion or participation going on here. However, there are some good links regularly being shared in the News and Discussion sections.

Name: Identité et réputation numériques

Size: 641 members

Main language: French

Official description: the description is in French and although it gives a good explanation of what personal branding is, it doesn’t actually mention the group itself.

My take: disappointing description aside, if you speak French, this group is a must. Olivier Zara, the Canadian group owner, has done such a great job building a vocal international community (read: active Discussions!) around personal branding that I had to include the group here even if it’s not in English.


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