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You’ve decided you’d like a new career direction, be it because you’re currently unemployed; finding your current role unfulfilling; failing to make any career progression; lacking motivation; or thinking about setting up your own business. The array of career directions you could choose to pursue are numberless; even if you know you’d like to be an entrepreneur, there are still decisions to be made about what type of business you’d like to run.

So who decides ‘what next’? Who decides which direction you’re going to go in? Your old university careers advisor? A recruitment consultant? A fortune teller? Here at Position Ignition, we believe that only you can make the decision if you truly want to take control of your life. Whether it’s a slight shift in career direction or a total about-face, it’s up to you to decide ‘what next’? It is you who must ultimately decide the one career direction you’re going to try next.

Why only one direction at a time? Isn’t it better you hedge your bets by pursuing several different avenues at the same time? The truth is, if you try to focus on too many options and ideas at once, you won’t end up truly focusing on any of them and your chances of successfully changing direction will decrease dramatically. If you really want a shift in direction to lead to career progression or increased professional contentment, you must narrow down your options and then choose the one angle that’s best for you at this present time. We are dedicated to helping people adopt a focused approach and narrow down their choices; from what our clients have told us, this is an effective, proven way of finding a new career direction.

Even though it’s up to you to make the decisions and take control of your career, it is important to include your partner and your family in your decision. After all, they are a significant part of your daily life and are directly affected by your day-to-day work. They can’t, however, make the final decision for you. Getting the balance right between involving them and retaining control can be tricky and that's why we offer support and advice not just to individuals, but also to couples and family units. Together we can move you towards deciding what next, and that decision will still be yours and yours alone.


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