Top 10 Resources and Articles To Know Everything About Facebook

The Facebook statistics page gives out certain information that reveals a lot about our social networking craze. An average user has 130 friends. Wow, compare that with your real world ones. That will be a no contest. But what the numbers underscore is that social networking now is as ingrained in our DNA as morning breakfast. The numbers also reflect that Facebook with 400 million active users alone could be responsible for most of it.

Facebook controversies haven’t dampened log-ins. We still like to see what’s on our Walls. Where we are getting tagged, and who’s our new Farmville neighbor. Facebook still is like the corner coffee shop…a habit. There are some things on the web that set up a micro-universe all of their own. Think Google, think Twitter, and of course, let’s talk about Facebook.

For all true blue Facebook users, it’s also important to know what’s happening on it. For instance, how are the new privacy modifications going to the affect us? What’s the latest social application that we can plug into on Facebook? Or would it be safe to do that in the first place? Facebook news, views, and opinions help us keep us in the know.

I will ask you where you get your Facebook news from later. Right now, check these 10 resources that are always worth a visit for news and articles on Facebook. We will start off from some of Facebook’s own resources.

The Facebook Blog

It’s always best to get some news straight from the horse mouth. The information may not be unbiased, but it is relevant because you get to hear it first on the official Facebook blog. The blog archive is categorized around topics. Right on top, Facebook Fairytales is a fun read.

Facebook Help Center

Lately, the web has been full of chatter on Facebook’s new privacy controls. The Help Center is the best place to find out what’s it all about and how to apply it for your profile. There’s a full page on Facebook security. As is normal, when we sign up, the help section gets a visit only if there is a snag somewhere. But in this case, looking at help before you have to shout for it is worthwhile.

Facebook Developers

Get the breaking news here. The information coming out of the Developer news is a bit geeky, but you get to hear about everything that’s happening on the Facebook platform. The page has a few more sections like the Platform Live Status page which is like an update board on errors and cures. The Forum is the discussion board on Facebook apps and plugins. Showcase is the virtual display of how third party sites are implementing Facebook plugins.

Inside Facebook

Inside Facebook takes a specialized look at the Facebook platform and how it is relevant for developers and marketers. It is a niche site for those interested in innovative ways to use social media. The site came up in 2006, so it also has grown up with Facebook (Facebook was launched in 2004). The site gives you reports, metrics, and insights, on how marketers and social entrepreneurs are ‘exploiting’ Facebook. Two its sections – Inside Social Games and App Data catch the trends of games and applications on Facebook (and other social media). Some sections and downloads are open to paid subscribers only.

Did you know that there is an upcoming Facebook service called ‘Questions’? It could be potentially useful. Read about it here – “Facebook Questions” Tapping Into Friends’ Opinions, May be More Fun than Intellectual

Also see more of it here.


Mashable is one of the top most social media digests on the web. Among all its other knowledgebase, you will find the Facebook Guide Book. It is as described, a hub of Mashable pages that help you master Facebook. From basic topics for the newbie to more advanced ones for specialized uses, you get it all.

Check out how to send a real gift on Facebook.

All Facebook

All Facebook is an independent blog that is in no way affiliated to Facebook. The blog discusses new applications, general news, and events that happen around Facebook. The only problem I could see with this blog was that I couldn’t find a way to dig into the archives. Except use the search box, maybe.

Searching for some tips, I found How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans

Facebook Login

Again this is a blog that concentrates on Facebook how-tos and news. The blog pages are filed under categories on applications, games, help, tools, tricks, and a few more.

Reclaim Privacy

With all the talk of changes in Facebook’s privacy settings and the firestorm it’s generating, this little easy to use bookmarklet is handy. You can check the level of your privacy settings in three easy steps. The scan reveals the settings which are better off being private rather than public. The scanner will roll out in a couple of weeks time, after an update for Facebook’s new privacy controls. The site could do with a visit if you are concerned about privacy policies on Facebook.


Why not? It gives me one of the easiest ways to spot the most popular Facebook pages on the web. Search with a Facebook keyword and you get a complete list throw Digg’s filter at. Browsing through the ‘Most Dugg’ Facebook posts, I came across – How to Suck at Facebook – The Oatmeal


At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, let me just point out that we have 100+ articles on Facebook. Some of the popular must reads include

And we have a dedicated fan page on Facebook to keep you in the know of what’s trending on our site with articles and giveaways.

The Facebook grapevine does not end here, of course. You can find Facebook news and views in many other media outlets. Take Twitter for real time news. Try a Google Blog Search to see who’s publishing opinion on Facebook. Online newspaper sites like NY Times and Reuters are chock-a-block with Facebook news.

The information glut is overwhelming, isn’t it? Let us know how alert you are about news and alerts about the site where you have parked your social profile.

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