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Gadget bags and cases are almost uniformly hideous. Made from neoprene, nylon and brightly-colored fabrics, they offer protection at the expense of style. Dressing well and toting a notebook or cellphone inside a standard bag is like turning up to a wedding wearing a tailored suit with a ski-jacket.

The alternatives are usually expensive. These cases, though, from Saddleback Leather, are both reasonably priced and gorgeous. Made from heavy, good-quality leather, they’re guaranteed for 100 years, so they’ll still be with you when your face starts to look like your laptop bag. And the prices? Amazingly, pretty low. The iPad sleeve, seen above with a couple of smaller pouches perched on top, is just $55.

But best of all is the website. There is a page titled “Our Rivals“, which is a list of links to other leather-makers’ sites. The FAQ is probably worth sending off to your Instapaper to read later. Some examples:

How can I get ink off of my leather?

Well, you’re pretty much screwed. One person said that hairspray worked to get their ink out, but there’s something cooler you can do. Take it to a tattoo artist and have him make a sun or cross or something like that with it. It’ll look cool and you’ll have a good story too.

and from the warranty details:

Saddleback Leather products are made to last a lifetime, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as the following: Like if you take it shark diving in salt water (see video) and a rivet corrodes.

These are the kind of people I like to do business with. All products available now, with international shipping. And if you can’t choose what color you want, there’s even a personality test to help you decide.

Gadget Pouches [Saddleback Leather via Uncrate]

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