Networking – You Need A Heart Of Gold

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What does it mean, generally, to have a heart of gold?  I checked the lyrics from Neil Young’s song with the same name and I’m not sure he has it nailed down.  The Kinks (greatest band of all time) have a song also with that name.  Their key lyric says:

But underneath that cold exterior, I know you’ve got a heart of gold

So, officially, I’m going to say a “gold heart” is good and, if you have one, you will make others feel good.

And I guess this post in the end is about intent.  If you are out networking with a particular purpose.  To win.  To succeed.  To be the most connected person at the event.  Well, let me suggest that you slow down a bit.

Because your heart is likely a bit lighter in color.  Like a silver perhaps.

And if that’s true, you have an opportunity to make some adjustments.  To consider the needs of others and to consider that maybe there are some folks out there that could specifically use your help.  Tomorrow.

If you’ve become a bit myopic.  Consider taking a break.  Consider taking a productive day off during job search.

Photo Credit, Bennett Graham

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