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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.  Leonardo da Vinci   

I’ve noticed as I make my way along life’s path the ability I have, as a result of greater self awareness, increased choice and clarity, to embrace and integrate the concept of less is more in virtually all facets of my life. In my experience, a less is more approach is one’s ability to cut out, do away with, de-clutter, remove chaos and let go of what is not fuelling the fire of their life.  This strategy is possible to implement in relation to one’s professional life.  Simply, stepping back and taking an objective look at a situation confronting us with greater awareness, choice and clarity (clear desired outcome) is really the essence of simplicity.

I use the example of nature, the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. The trees, flowers, grass, birds, wildlife, water, sky, sun, moon, hills and valleys all reflect a less is more approach in the ultra simplistic way that nature presents itself effortlessly every day.  There is nothing contrived or complex, purchased, overly manufactured, over done or stressed out about nature.  In effect, nature is simply present, evolving and changing daily with the seasons (plus it looks so beautiful).

I recently had the pleasure of watching a BBC documentary about how to live simply.  Near the end of the programme, a statement was made which resonated with me.  It goes something like this; any fool can overly complicate, it takes a genius to embrace and live simplicity.

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Stephanie Mount is a Position Ignition Career Guide. She is profoundly interested in people and their potential. Stephanie engages with individuals to discover their most authentic self (the positive energy, their passions and strengths).  Stephanie’s diverse career in the helping profession spans two continents.  She uses her international experience, professional knowledge and living as an expatriate to enable others to create a fulfilling and balanced life.  Stephanie is an adventurer, passionate about the ‘great outdoors’ and travelling to far flung places on this beautiful planet.

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