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The following is a list of magazines that are currently available for the iPad as separate apps. If you notice that I've missed any, please post in the comments section. Please note that prices may change, some titles may only be accessible in certain countries, and some of these apps may represent specific issues rather than a subscription.

You should also check out the Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader, which will give you access (usually for a fee, though there are freebies) to issues and subscriptions to a wide range of publications.


3D Artist magazine: $1.99

Bucks Life: $0.99

Develop3D: $0.99

Digital Artist Magazine: $1.99

Dirt Mountain Bike: $0.99

Dwell: $0.99

Eliza: $0.99

GQ: $2.99

How It Works: 1st issue free for a limited time

iCreate: $1.99

Interview: $2.99

Letter to Jane: $0.99

MacUser: $0.99

Mainline: $0.99

Maxim: $2.99

MotorHome: $1.99

The Nation: Free (1st issue)

Opera: Limited free preview of current issue.

Outside: $2.99

Photoshop Creative: $1.99

Play: $1.99

Popular Science: $4.99

SciFiNow: $1.99

Time: April 12 issue, $4.99

Women's Health: Free (until July 31, 2010)

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