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Do you want to find a new job but don't want to have to move or go that far? Then why not look at the options within your current business? 

When exploring opportunities within your current business you may want to look at possible promotions in your team or area.  Look at what is going on in other departments and what opportunities there are for you across the business. There may also be international opportunities to explore if that interests you.  Certain offices abroad may be dying to have a talented individual in your field, move over to them or they might be struggling to hire into a certain area that you could try out. As an employer already in the company, you will be in a much stronger position than an outsider to find and land those roles.

When looking for opportunities within your organization try tapping into the following resources:

Company presentations – go to them, meet people. Try to understand what’s going on and sieve out potential areas of development or where you might be able to add value. 

Intranet – take a look around at what’s going on and the information available there. This is specifically there for people already in the organization and is designed to help you find opportunities internally so use it!

News and press coverage of your business – when your company is mentioned in the press it will indicate areas of importance and interest to the organization in terms of it’s overall strategy and vision.  Understanding where your company is heading will help you to identify areas of opportunity.  If the areas are interesting to you contact the people mentioned in the press release. Talk to them, find out if they have any openings for you.

Team and General Meetings – at each team and general meeting go in their with your eyes and ears open for new opportunities that could be good for you. Ask more questions to understand what people are doing and what they are looking for or in need of. You never know what will arise if you just ask the question!

External awards – look out for and be aware of what awards your company is getting. They will signal key, important areas that your business is focusing and building on. These areas could very well have some great openings that you could be right for.

Observe who is being promoted – keep a careful eye on who is being promoted. Be open to observing this as it will indicate where all the subtle shifts and movements are within the business.

New products and services being developed – look out for new areas of the business being developed.  New services or product to be developed will need teams to develop them! See if you could join that team.

If you've found a new job internally - tell us your stories and how you did it. We work with individuals helping them find the right next move and right next role for you. Sometimes this involves making a shift into a new company and sometimes it's finding a new job in the same company as before! Give us a buzz if you want help with your career move - email us now!

Author: Nisa Chitakasem and Simon North

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