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I could complicate this blog article and make it ten times longer than it needs to be.  But I know you’re busy trying to find a job, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  If you want to make sure the hiring manager reads your cover letter, don’t attach it to the e-mail—just copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail.

This strategy ensures about a 99% guarantee the hiring manager will read it.  People are drawn to e-mails … something about them (much like the allure of receiving a greeting card) inherently says “must read”.  So next time you’re applying for a position online (or elsewhere) and you’re submitting your resume and cover letter via e-mail, make sure you copy and paste the cover letter instead of attaching it to the e-mail.  Now, whether the cover letter is effective in getting him to read your resume is a whole other story.  (Here’s a hint: “My resume for your review” does NOT qualify as a cover letter or adequate e-mail text.)  For additional advice on cover letters, subscribe to our blog posts via e-mail because in the next few days we’ll be starting a series that will focus on cover letters.

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