Google TV Ads: upload and run commercials on national TV shows from your laptop :Direct Creative Blog

It is possible to make a TV ad for your job search. WOW!

I ran across a report by Seth Stevenson at Slate about how he ran a TV ad on FOX from his home computer using Google TV Ads.

Here’s the video showing how he did it.

Google TV Ads aren’t new to me. I’ve had a few clients try this, though I can’t report that any of them has hit the jackpot with this inexpensive service.

However, the concept is interesting. While you still have to create your own TV commercial, this nifty service makes the media buy convenient, quick, and cheap.

This is simply part of what we’re seeing all over the Internet, with more tools to lower the barrier of entry for marketing, publishing, and communication.

Is this a good strategy for your business? Why not? If you know how to write and produce a good commercial, and you know how to schedule and test wisely, there’s no reason not to try it. Though don’t expect overnight success.

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