From J. Lory and other Northern California Jobs group members on LinkedIn

Below is a great example of social networking and building your network.

In March of this year, my Linked-In profile was compromised. I am attempting to reestablish connections past and present. I have 10+ years of delivering full-life-cycle recruiting services to web-based and advanced software application technology companies, including all levels of software product development, associated engineering and services, and product marketing and sales. I am extremely well versed in advanced sourcing techniques. Primary areas of work have been specific to ERP practices, E-Business, SAAS platforms, mobile & media, and advanced communications.

I am currently seeking contract recruiting work in the Bay Area/ Silicon Valley region. Please feel free to establish [or reestablish] connections with me. My Linked-In profile can be found at

Thanks in advance. By J. Lory, Sr. Recruiter :: Information Technology

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