Dropbox for iPad – Quick App Review | PadGadget

If you extensively use the cloud storage service Dropbox and own an iPad, or simply want to find a better way to have access to your most important files while on the go, Dropbox for iPad is the only app you need – and most of all, it’s free!

If you don’t know what Dropbox is, the service offers about 2GB of free space in their cloud for your files, and automatically syncs your cloud storage space with the folder of your choice on your Mac or PC. Dropbox for iPad instantly allows you to view these files on the go, as long as you are connected via 3G or WiFi. You can for instance open a Keynote/Powerpoint document available in your dropbox folder via Keynote on your iPad.

The app has been ported from the iPhone to the iPad about 2 weeks ago, and the added real estate makes a huge difference, as it offers a much more convenient access to your files via a split-screen layout. The app supports many file formats, and has recently been updated in order to allow you to upload files such as pictures to your dropbox, or zoom. PDF support is a bit flaky, but given the amazing job the developer did with the app, and the fact that the app is free, it’s hard to complain.

Posted via web from AndyWergedal