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Convince Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

Telecommuting has reached such a critical mass that everyone knows at least someone who’s doing it. Downsizing and soaring gas prices have pushed nearly a quarter of Americans into some form of flexible arrangement, according to a Citrix Online survey.

We all know the perks, but wanting to have more time with your family and avoiding traffic aren’t reason enough to persuade a dubious boss. Physical separation tends to blow up every issue, and most managers have a hard time leading without face-to-face contact.

Plus, not all jobs are appropriate for telecommuting. You know better than anybody else if you can do your duties outside the office. So how will you get your boss on board?

Convincing your boss to let your work at home is a negotiation. Put yourself in your manager’s shoes and be prepared to answer the most common objections to successfully make your case.

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