Career Goddess: Build Trust with Authenticity and Charisma

What do Betty White, the octagenian who wowed audiences on a recent epidode of SNL, Michelle Obama, Donad Trump, Steve Jobs, and Oprah have in common? The obvious answer is lots of money. But that may be more the result of the characteristic they share: the ability to build trust through an authentic personal brand and tons of charisma.

In the May 13, 2010 Reach Personal Branding Interview with guest expert Dr. Nick Morgan and William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding, you will learn how to become a more effective and charismatic communicator. Dr. Morgan will discuss:

  • The single most important communications issues for people in all walks of life today,
  • Recent brain research that has changed the way we understand communications,
  • The 4 steps to authenticity and charisma,
  • Why people need charisma more than ever today to stand out,
  • The top 3 secrets to becoming more charismatic,
  • Why non-verbal communications is far more important than most people realize.

Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches and an internationally known public speaker. Nick has coached and written for many CEOs and presidents of Fortune 50 companies, and has worked with political and educational leaders.

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