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Applying for a worthwhile job can be a highly competitive business, even if it is for the continuation of your current career. If you are keen to get the job, then you can rest assured there will be dozens or even hundreds of other applicants seeking the same desirable vacancy. If you have decided to change career and apply for the job, then that competitiveness will be amplified; out of all the applicants, you will probably stand alone as the one making a career change.

While you may seem to be at an instant disadvantage, but there are ways you may turn that around to arouse interest rather than disdain. There will be some hiring managers who just ignore you for their own personal reasons; they may be risk averse, they may even be jealous that you can make such a step to change your career. On the other hand, if you can grab attention with a career change cover letter that impresses their senses, then you will stand a chance of having your resume read, and hopefully be shortlisted for interview. One thing for sure is that once the hiring manager has decided to interview you, he will probably remember you more than the others simply because you are different. You should aim to reinforce that with a powerful cover letter and resume.

Before writing your career change cover letter and resume, think through what the potential employer is looking for, what problems they are hoping to solve by recruiting, and what relevant training, skills and experience and training you can bring forth from your current and previous career. By doing so, and then getting those points across in your cover letter and resume, you will build a bridge between the old careers and new, along which you can guide the hiring manager. If they feel secure on the bridge, then they will be more inclined to walk across it again, and maybe see it as a useful short cut.

There is no doubt it is important to have an accurate and convincing resume, but that resume will be of no value if it is not read. You should therefore see the cover letter as the first stepping stone to your career change dreams, without which you cannot get to the second stepping stone. You therefore need to put some concentrated effort into creating the cover letter that will get you noticed and your resume read. By changing career you have made your task more difficult, but with the right approach, it is far from impossible to land that new job in a new career. After all, people across the world do that very thing every day, and there is no reason why you should not do so too.

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