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Here are this weeks Top 5

1. Learn how $6 for Google ads became four interviews, two job offers, and one new job – [College Recruiter

Using Google AdWords, Alec Brownstein spent $6 to target the five creative directors. He got interviews with four of them and job offers from two. 

2. Self-Marketing Strategies to Land a New Job: What Parades Teach Us – [Career Alley

Today, we’re going to talk about five self-marketing strategies that will get your name in front of hiring managers and decision makers. These are “out of the box” ideas; but in a tough economy, you’ve got to self-promote constantly. It’s time to place your personal marketing strategy to the head of the parade, and march! 

3. Online Identity Management: Get Found! – [Career Goddess

In Online Identity Management and Job Search, I wrote about an online reputation survey sponsored by Microsoft in December 2009. It revealed that 79% of the U.S. hiring managers and recruiters surveyed said they researched the online identities of job candidates BEFORE extending an invitation to interview. Now here is the golden nugget: 70% of those hiring managers and recruiters rejected candidates based on what they found about them online. 

4. Our First Twitter Job Search Experiment Tweet – [The Job Bored

She was impressed. And I am too, frankly. We have over 200 followers, so to get a dozen messages out of that is not bad. But imagine if we had 400? Or 4000? I dream of someone logging on at lunch with 50 messages full of job leads. 

5. 5 Ideas That Can Accelerate Your Leadership – [Career Realism

I was very inspired by the people and presenters at our recent “Empowering Women in Leadership” event. We covered and discussed growing into your potential, influence vs. authority, leadership defined through personal, business and family and the future of how women can grow into their leadership. 

If 70% of HR departments are required to google you, before you can get an interview… Take control of your online presence, before someone else does.

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