The Best College Grad Job Search Resources - Vol 2 - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

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"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." - Anonymous

There are few of us who enter college knowing what we want to be when we grow up, and many of us change our major one or more times. So what does that mean about finding your first job out of school? Well for one, don't stress out looking for the right answer (or the elevator to success) because there isn't always a right answer. The trick is to find a job that closely aligns to your skill set with a company that offers the best chance for achieving your career goals.

Sounds easy, but in practice it takes a lot of work. Take the stairs, it will take you longer to get there but the rewards are worth the pain.

College Grad / Entry Level Job Search Sites:

  • - "Real Connections" is the tag line for this professional network which focuses on "job search, recruiting, career enhancement, and other business pursuits" according to their website. The main page is all about jobs. There is a link for the Alumwire Virtual Career Fair Schedule followed by featured jobs (with a link to see additional jobs), an overview on networking below which is a link where you can update your resume and set-up your profile. View Jobs by Category is on the right hand side of the page. This is definitely a site worth checking out.
  • 37signals Job Board - A job board by, the page offers lists of jobs, sorted by job category (Design Jobs, Programming Jobs, and several other categories). Click on any job opportunity to see a job description along with contact information. There is a "live search" box at the top of the page as well. You can click on the category to see all the jobs for that category and you can subscribe via RSS as well.
  • Work for Students - By, of course, This is a good place to look if you are looking for work while in college. Remember, what you doing during school (and I don't mean just your school work) is sometimes more important than what you did in school (not an excuse to get a C). Links at the top of the page for Opportunities, Resources and Apply. There are links for latest news and Career Resources center page. Enter your zip code (top right hand side of the screen) and click Go.
College Grad Job Search Advice:
  • 2009 Best Companies for Diverse Graduates - Thanks to Diversity Edge ( for this listing of the best companies for diverse graduates. The article has a brief overview followed by a listing of the companies. You will recognize most (if not all) of the 20 companies on this list. At the bottom of the article is a link to the website.

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