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Pile"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat." - Lily Tomlin

So everything I read lately says that, even when the economy starts to rebound (and many think it has already started), new job creation will lag. Now who am I to dispute that bit of wisdom? But while that may be true, there are still thousands of jobs out there to be had. In fact, there are probably 10's of thousands of jobs to be had. Now granted, there may not be thousands of jobs that you can fill and they may not all be where you live, but if you are willing to have an open mind and are flexible about where you live (or desperate in the extreme) there are thousands of jobs and I'm about to show you how to find them.

Where to Start in Your Job Search:

  • How to get a job – The theme of this story is very similar to what I’ve said in my opening paragraph - yes, the current unemployment rate is still climbing and yes, last week another (very big number) people joined the unemployed, but there are tens of thousands of jobs out there. The second half of the tag line of the article is “Millions of people were hired last month!”. The article is worth a read for several reasons, not the least of which there are plenty of good tips (and they use a headline that is very similar to one I used in an earlier blog “Hey Brother, Can Your Spare a Job?“.
  • Successful Job Searching – This article, by About.com, provides a step-by-step guide to finding a job. Categories include Write a Resume, Complete a Job Application, Find Job Listings plus a long list of other resources. The right side of this article has a link to several videos – “10 thinks to do after a layoff” and “How to prepare for a job interview”.
  • How to find a job during a recessionCNN weighs in with an article on how to find a job. Another step-by-step article with topics such as trying freelance work, freshen your skills, networking, polish your brand (like my “market yourself”). The middle of the article has additional links to job related articles.
  • HOW TO FIND A JOB? - Not sure why there is a question mark at the end of this page’s name, but don’t be fooled by the first page. There are a number of links on this site to resources such as job search, job applications, resumes, cover letters and more. Each link leads to a robust page with information on the topic. At the bottom of the page are several other links to Work Menu (several resources here), Training, Where (like, where to find a job) and Who can help (many more resources).
And Now the Job Listings and Resources:
  • The Highest Ranked Job Search Sites (Google) – This is a great link, as it shows the highest ranked job search sites (as per Google) based on page rank, a few of which are included below. You will note that it is a fairly long list (and you will want to start at the top). The other great thing about this link is that it also provides links to Executive Search, Entry Level and Internships, Job Fairs and more. Now, you should note that, just because a site has a high Google ranking does not necessarily mean it is the best site. So what are some of the best sites, see below for a few.
  • Indeed.com – This is one of the best sites at the moment and, according to their site, more than 755,000 jobs were added in the last 7 days (and that is not a typo) – thousands of jobs, just as I promised. The first page is a very simple interface, two choices What and Where. You can also click on the Advanced Search which provides a broad range of search options. There are additional links at the bottom for Job Trends, Salaries and Forums. And , you don’t have to post your resume on this site.
  • Recruiters Online – “Your key to the hidden job market” is the tag line for this job search site. A very simple first page – Search Jobs, Post or Edit your Resume, and Find a Recruiter. Click on Search Jobs for their very interesting search engine. They provide examples of how you can leverage their job search engine by leveraging keywords. Click Find a Recruiter (at the top of the screen if you are not on the main page). The page lists a few featured recruiters with a search engine on the right hand side. Enter your criteria and the search engine will return a list of recruiters.
  • Job-Hunt.org – “Help and links to 13,054 Employers & Job Search Resources” is the tag line for this resource site. Not sure how they got such an exact number, but this site is filled with valuable information. Where to start? The top of the page has a drop down box so that you can review resources by state. The left hand side of the page has Layoff Help, Getting Started (too many links to list here) and links to relevant articles. The center of the page has Job Search News and Job Search Sites and Career Resources. Click on any state from the drop down box and you are immediately transferred to a page which is full of information regarding jobs for your state. This site is definitely worth spending time on and reviewing all of the resources available.

And if That's Not Enough:

Good luck in your search.

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