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It's lonely out in space On such a timeless flight
" Elton John, Bernie Taupin

Yes, it is lonely out there in job search space and it can sometimes feel like a timeless flight. But if you are looking for an entry level job, you are in luck because there are so many choices and opportunities when you are first starting out. Do you know exactly what you want to do? Have you looked at and thought about all of the career choices that are open to you? If you are in college, have you visited your college career office? These are the types of things you should be exploring.

One key thing to remember is that you don't always get the perfect job. You may have to settle for something different than what you had planned. You should focus on the companies that you want to work for and that fit your career plan. "Career plan?" you say. Yes, you should be planning your career now much as you would plan a trip because if you don't know where you are going you are never going to get there.

Career Planning:

  • What is Career Planning? - The best place to start is to understand the concept. This article, from About.com, provides an explanation and then a four step process for developing your career plan. This is key to creating the right plan for you. The article has embedded links to additional information (such as writing your resume and developing the steps). If you are looking for an entry level job or are about to graduate from college, this article is a must read.
  • Career Planning Resources - This site (the left hand side of the screen) is like the "mother lode" when it comes to career planning. There are an amazing number of links to key tools such as Skill Assessments, Career Counseling, Explore specific careers, Career tools and so much more. As you build out your career plan, use this list of links to get specific information to help you build your plan.
Job and Career Ideas:
  • Unusual Jobs for College Students - One way to help you figure out what you want to do is to work while you are in college (crazy idea, right?). This article, from About.com, provides a number of ideas. From Sports jobs to the aspiring actor there are several ideas you can explore. There are additional links at the bottom of the article such as where you can find your college job.
  • Job Search Ideas for College Students - This list of ideas, from suite101.com, provides some ideas for you in your search. Really the basics (but still worth a read), the article covers such things as your resume, checking the local papers, placing your resume online and dressing for the interview. The article has additional links with related information.
  • Career Ideas For Different Personality Types - Sometimes matching your personality to the job is as important as the job itself. This article, from Teamtechnology, provides ideas regarding the tools you could use to help get the best match. These include items like the Job Demands Questionnaire. A good article to help determine which jobs work for you.
Job Leads and Links:
  • Aftercollege - This job search site is designed for college grads and entry level jobs. The top of the page has links for schools (by state), Jobs and Resources. You can join networks from your school, search for exclusive jobs, search based on employers or city, state and zip. There is a section for featured jobs center page and "browse for popular jobs" links on the right hand side of the page. According the the website, there are over 200,000 job opportunities.
  • Campus Career Center - Entry Level Jobs - This job search board by campuscareercenter.com is also designed for recent grads and students as well. There are links at the top of the site for Post Resume and Job Seekers. You can quickly search jobs from the right hand search box or look at the links to featured employers center page. Below this there is a blog. The right hand side of the page a job seekers section with links to search jobs, research employers and search categories. There were over 88,000 job opportunities when I checked the site.
Good luck in your search.

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