Chairless on Cool Hunting


It was just a question of time before someone came up with an iPad-ready chair, or we should say a "magical and revolutionary" chair. Vitra just introduced Chairless, a tool for sitting designed by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena. A simple and witty idea, the textile strap joined into a loop measures 85 centimeters in length and five centimeter in width and wraps around the back and knees to stabilize the body and relieve tension while seated. Presented at Salone this week, the design incorporates an iPad perfectly, allowing the device to balance on the knees for comfort and ease.


Technology meets elegance in Chairless. Aravena was inspired by a similar sitting strap commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians. The nomadic tribe living in the Gran Chaco region (border region between Paraguay and Bolivia) has employed such textile straps as a sitting aid for centuries. As a sign of gratitude to the original inventors, a portion of the proceeds from Chairless will go to the non-profit Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities, which directly supports the Ayoreo Indians.


While the first run of Chairless has already sold out, you can sign up for email alerts for when Vitra releases it again in June at the online store. The website also invites users to submit photos of the product in situ and become members of the Chairless community.

Posted via web from AndyWergedal