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OK, I will admit it – some mornings I just can’t help but hit the snooze button a time or two before waking up for the day.  Occasionally, this shameful practice makes me late for work by a few minutes.  Big deal?  Not really.  But, what about those times we hit the snooze button on our own development, delaying progress again and again?  That is a huge deal. Here are 5 common ways you might be procrastinating, and how to put an end to them immediately.

1.  “I will start blogging once my site design is perfect.”

I know all about this excuse, because I trotted it out there for several months too.  And really, it is an incredibly lame and feeble attempt to hit the snooze button.  Some of the most well-read blogs out there today have nearly no design at all, like Scobleizer’s infamous tech blog.

How to fix:  It is the content that counts – if you have great ideas bouncing around in your head, don’t hesitate any further.  With Wordpress.com you can literally have your first post on the web in minutes. (Or better yet, Wordpress.org for self-hosted sites, which will take a bit longer to set-up.)

2.  “I will join LinkedIn when I need to search for a job.”

No!  This is the ultimate snooze and lose maneuver.  LinkedIn works best when you organically build a network full of meaningful relationships over time.  Job-seekers without an established network will be left scrambling, resting their hopes on cluttered job boards.

How to fix:  Join LinkedIn as soon as you can and invite existing friends and co-workers to connect.  Check out Guy Kawasaki’s “Ten Ways to Use Linkedin” for more inspiration.

3.  “I will buy a smart-phone when the next model comes out.  It will be way better!”

Now that I have used an iPhone for awhile, I can’t possibly imagine going sans smart-phone ever again.  That little chunk of metal and plastic is a window to the entire web, and an indispensable tool for the brand-builder of today.  Yet, I realize if you are considering making your first smart-phone purchase, you face a dilemma.  With technology, the “next best thing” is always just a few months away – and after that, an “even better thing” is right around the corner.

How to fix:  Stop the madness, and if you have the dough (scrimp and save, it is worth it), just make the purchase.

4. ” I will join Twitter once more people I know also join.”

Newsflash – Twitter is just as much about meeting new people and learning new things as it is connecting with folks you already know.  Without a doubt, Twitter will introduce you to subjects, opinions, and technologies that you have never considered.

How to fix:  Take the plunge now, worry about your friends later.  Concerned that nobody will follow you?  Here is Kevin Rose’s take on 10 ways to gain followers (the right way).

5.  “I will read blogs when I have more time.”

Newsflash #2 – We aren’t switching to 25 hour days any time soon.  In fact, you will probably only have less and less time as you grow older.  If your peers and your competition are staying current on news and notes from your industry, can you afford to hit that snooze button any longer?

How to fix:  Make things easy on yourself.  Go to Google Blog Search, and find a few top blogs from your niche.  Subscribe to them via Google Reader and have the news delivered to your doorstep in real-time.

When he isn’t hitting the snooze button, Ryan Rancatore blogs at Personal Branding 101, and tweets as @RyanRancatore.  Send him a wake-up call if you catch him sleeping.

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