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1. You dream about your project deadlines
If you are dreaming about your work this is a sign that your work is really starting to take over your life. You are beginning to eat, sleep and breathe work and it could lead to a downwards spiral. Being focused and truly interested and passionate about your work is great but there needs to be a good balance for you to have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. To only think about work and for it to be constantly on your mind can be a sign of real stress whereby work maybe invading your personal life. Think about your work life balance and if it is really working for you.

2. Your only friends are your work colleagues
If you stop and think about who you see everyday and socialise with – is it mostly your friends from work? Is this a good sign? What happened to everyone else? Enough said!

3. Your personal number is your work number
So let's see – your personal number has become your work number. So that means that most of your phone calls are all related to work. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound right? Perhaps it is time to divide up your personal and work calls again and make a bit of personal space and time for you.

4. Your work email is your only email address
Work work work and no play makes you a rather dull boy or girl! What happened to those personal emails to friends and family. Don't you care what they are up to? Work is important for sure but again – similar to the work and personal phone scenario – if you make some time for your own personal life – you may come to appreciate and value these aspects of your world more.

5. You've forgotten what it is like to cook
So if you're working late everyday I'm guessing that food doesn't feature as a top priority for you. Therefore I'm guessing there's some ready meals, some take-aways, lots of eating out and going for quick, easy options. Is this the best lifestyle for you? Is it healthy? Do you miss your mama's cooking?

If work is taking over your life it might be time to re-evaluate what you're doing. If you love your job and it's really what you are passionate about then great! Otherwise – it might end up making you feel pretty burnt out, tired and frustrated. If it's taking time away from other things – you might regret it later on as there are typically a whole host of activities and people that bring fulfilment, joy and meaning to our every day lives.

Author: Nisa Chitakasem - Founder of Position Ignition - taking you to the next step in your career

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