Staying On Top Of Your Job Search!

image Often, one of the biggest challenges in a job search is keeping track of all the information coming at you!

Leads, job postings, names, phone numbers, email addresses, ideas, companies, websites, articles, appointments, follow up schedules and many other pieces of ‘data’ can be overwhelming.

Many people miss opportunities because they didn’t remember the right piece of information at the right time, or because they forgot previous conversations with someone they are connecting to now.

Most people create some kind of ‘system’ for themselves, whether it’s spreadsheets, address books, notebooks, or Post-it notes to keep track. However, virtually all of them fall short somehow and they are not usually interconnected.

Jason Alba had the same problem in his own job search, and so created JibberJobber. It’s a tremendous… I think lifesaving tool for your job search! I don’t get any commissions, kick-backs, or any form of compensation for plugging his product (although, Jason… I’d certainly be open to the idea!). However, I’m a big fan and have been recommending it to people in my job search classes and conversations I have with job seekers. It’s a tremendous tool to bring everything together in one place. To automate the prompts you need, and avoid missed opportunities because you weren’t all over it like ‘white on rice’!

Here is a short video that Jason put together to explain how it works:

If you want to do a better job of staying on top of your job search… go check out JibberJobber!