Finding better targeted jobs online

image One challenge with most of the job boards online is that anyone can post anything!

You are most interested in finding real jobs in your field at real companies in your geographic area. However, when you search for jobs on most sites, you are often overwhelmed with postings for MLM schemes, phony Work-from-Home ‘opportunities’, temporary or contract positions, or jobs that may or may not be real from a wide variety of third-party recruiters. It can be tedious and you wonder… I’m looking for an Industrial Sales position, how do all these help?

Furthermore, you may also wonder… am I really seeing most of what’s available at the companies I’m interested in, or is there more?

One of my favorite job search sites recently that addresses these concerns is LinkUp.

LinkUp is unique in that it’s not a “Job Board” in the sense that employers or recruiters come to post their positions online. Rather it’s a web crawler that scrapes positions directly from employer’s own corporate websites’ job postings and serves them up to you.

Accordingly, LinkUp finds ALL the relevant positions posted by that company. An employer may have a number of positions open, however, only posts a select few on outside Job Boards. So unless you actually go to that company’s own site, you would not see a posting for a position that might fit your background. LinkUp finds them for you. It’s another way to tap into that somewhat ‘hidden’ job market.

What you don’t get is all the unrelated and third-party ‘positions’ that you’re not interested in seeing.

GL Hoffman is behind LinkUp, he’s a serial entrepreneur with a terrific background in employment search solutions and fully understands the challenges job seekers face. They are still very much in a fast growth mode, however, I believe it’s one of the best job search concepts available online (No, I don’t get a commission or kick-back from them… although, as always, would certainly be open to it!).

If you want to be sure you’re seeing all the relevant opportunities in your field, at real companies in your area… be sure to check out!

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