Doh! 50 stupid (and common) job interview mistakes

A crappy job market makes bringing your “A” game to each and every interview totally essential. One slip-up could mean the difference between a comfortable cubicle and moving back in with your parents. Fear not, job hunter, because US News & World Report has put together a list of the fifty worst of the worst, yet most common, job interview slip-ups.
Here’s a little sampling:
  • Bad-mouthing your last boss.
  • Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question.
  • Talking more than half the time.
  • Saying “you know,” “like,” “I guess,” and “um.”
  • Speaking rudely to the receptionist.
  • Being too familiar and jokey.
  • Failing to demonstrate enthusiasm.
  • Lighting up a cigarette, or smelling like a cigarette.
Full list at Yahoo! Finance.