Start Work BEFORE The Interview

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“Six candidates were interviewing for a sales position in Atlanta with an exclusive company that had just received about $83 million in funding,” says Ron McManmon, a former recruiter and Executive VP of
“Five candidates were “top gun” sales people who all came from industry leaders … and then there was Tony. He was young, with about five years of experience. But Tony was highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile.”
“In his job interview, Tony not only mapped his accomplishments out on a PowerPoint presentation, he also demonstrated that he had already started working for the company. He did this by researching, assembling, and bringing with him a list of sales leads and contacts. His presentation consisted of past, present AND future. The other candidates did nothing like this.”
Did it work?
“Tony was hired over five more-experienced candidates,” says McManmon.
Action Step: Just like the example you’ll read about next, research your target company and “start working” for them before you’re hired. This can help PROVE you’re the one to hire.
Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

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