Start Work AFTER The Interview

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This lesson in perseverance is a variation on the last story, about the candidate who brought a list of sales leads to his job interview.

“Robin, a woman from Los Angeles, had been interviewing with the same company for three months. She felt she was a perfect for the position, but the hiring manager was not responsive -- he wouldn’t tell her yes or no about a decision to hire her,” says Ron McManmon.

So Robin called McManmon to discuss her dilemma. His advice?

“I suggested that she REALLY demonstrate her skills to the hiring manager. I encouraged her to call 100 potential customers and ask them, ‘Would you be interested in looking at a technology that would solve your problem with X and save you XX amount of dollars?’” says McManmon.

The next day, Robin walked into the manager’s office, put her contact list on his desk and said, “I’ve already started working for you. In fact, I have 100 customers who are interested in your technology.”

What happened next?

“Robin was hired on the spot,” says McManmon.

Action Step: After you’ve been interviewed for a job you really want, don’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring. That’s what the other candidates are doing.

Instead, research your target company and “start working” for them before you’re hired. This can help PROVE you’re the one to hire.

Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin