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by nanpalmero

1) Make sure that your page is up to date — I realize that LinkedIn is not much fun and that you’d rather be on Facebook, but it is important to have your information fresh and current.
2) Make sure that your page and your resume jibe — If your employment history doesn’t match up between your resume and your LinkedIn page, that could be an indication that you’re hiding something or, possibly worse, you’re just sloppy.
3) Proofread, proofread, proofread — enough said.
4) Use a professional, and recent, photograph of decent quality — it’s like wearing business attire to an interview, duh! And nobody wants to see your picture from the kegger at the beach last weekend.
5)LinkedIn doesn’t provide much real estate in which to work your writing mojo, but in those places where you can be descriptive, be creative and show a little style.
6) Join appropriate groups and join their conversations — It is, after all, social media. Be judicious in the groups you choose to join. It’s best to select groups related to your desired career, which should, besides giving you an opportunity to learn about the business, enable you to network with people who might be looking for a sharp, savvy candidate.