10 Things To Do When Your Are Unemployed

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I am lucky enough to be able to survive quite comfortably with the unemployment checks that come in every week. My rent and bills are quite low and my car was paid off right before I was laid off. While I was working at the hotel, I had to work crazy shifts and the hours seem to take a huge toll on my health and well being. I was not thinking clearly and was always drowsy and could not start the day with any energy. I have taken the time off to do the things I love to do. I have compiled a list of things I do to stay on top of my game and stay positive. You can use these methods or create your own.
10 Things To Do When Your Unemployed
  1. Build a Business. This was my first priority when I was laid-off. At first I panicked and started to apply to jobs, polished my resume, started networking, and could not grasp that I was without work. I took a step back and realized that I would have never thought about starting a business if I didn't get laid-off. I find it a true blessing in disguise. Notice how I said build a business, not start a business. Anyone can start a business, but it's something else to build one.
  2. Travel. I have never been to the Western part of the United States until I moved out to Las Vegas. Sad, I know. I have never seen the oceans of California, the deserts of Arizona, the Grand Canyon, or the winery's in Napa Valley. I was sheltered and was never given the opportunity to go traveling. After being laid-off, I finally found the time to explore these wonderful sights. I was talking to one of my friends and we were discussing traveling overseas. He told me he never had a passport before. It is quite a daunting statistic that most American's don't have their passports. I am lucky enough to have one. According to the Travel.State.Gov website, the amount of passports issued in 2008 was 16,208,003. That is down more than 10% from the previous year which issued 18,382,798 passports. That is a huge drop in passports! What happened? I mean even after the year 9/11 occurred there was only a slight decrease in passport issuance! This recession has hit people hard! If you want to take a look at the statistics it is here.
  3. Have more sex. Yes, what excuse do you have now? You don't have time? You have to go to work? Nope, just do it, have as much as you can. Once you start working or start a business, you won't have time to do this. So have fun, and keep it safe.
  4. Exercise. I know, it's easier said than done. I understand that. It takes a lot of effort to get yourself motivated to go to the gym. I found out why I did not go as frequently until I got laid-off. I found out that I only had 1 single pair of gym shorts and 2 pairs of socks. This gave me two trips to the gym without doing laundry. I found out that I was only going two days out of the week and waiting for laundry day before I would even think about going again. I fixed this problem by just buying more socks and a couple of more pairs of gym shorts. I now go at least 3-4 times a week and feel energized and ready to take on the day!
  5. Spend More Time With Family Or Friends. I have taken this principle to the fullest. While living in Vegas is great and all, I am 3000 miles away from NYC where my family resides. Most of my friends got laid-off at the same time I did, so we have been spending quality time with each other. We have game nights and go out and have dinner or drinks. We have grown closer and being laid-off brought us together more than ever. If you have family spend more time with them. If you have kids try and give your full attention to them because they are the future. Your babysitter, daycare, or school has seen them more than you while you were working. Isn't it time to give that time your job took away, and give it back to your children?
  6. Eat Healthy. It has been an arduous process but I am slowly adapting to eating healthier. I have no more excuses. I try to leave a large bowl of fruit in the kitchen so I can grab a quick snack without rummaging through the pantry or refrigerator. I used to put my fruit in the refrigerator but realized they would go rotten because I did not want to go into the refrigerator to get fruit.
  7. Cook At Home. This is extremely fun. I love to cook and make food from anything I can find. I find it very satisfying to make something for yourself. Try and have a dinner party with your friends and have them bring over something they cooked. This brings people together and it's not that expensive.
  8. Read More. I find that I do that more than ever. All it takes is a library card and you can read about anything you are interested in. I gravitated more towards the business section but there are books, movies, cds, and magazines about everything at the library. It has been my new love since I was laid-off
  9. Try A New Hobby. You never know how this can help you. I started to do photography and I never knew how much I enjoyed it until I bought a D-SLR camera. Pictures are something you can keep forever, and if you have a good eye for lighting and can be creative you can even make a living at it. Wedding photographers can charge up to $3000 (not to say that is the limit, I have seen much higher prices) for one wedding. Hobbies can be very fulfilling and you can learn something new.
  10. Relax. Yes, relax. Take some time to do things you want to do. You deserve it. Working 9-5, 40+ hours can take a toll on you and your relationships. Take this time to give it back to yourself.
These are things I try and do for myself. I try and work hard in everything I put my mind to. You should as well. Turn off that TV and find other things to do with your time. We spend so much time with TV that we don't see our time just fly us by. We can never get that time back so why not put it to good use?