Using Twitter to Find a Job

Amber Johnson at Job Profiles suggested that BioJobBlog readers might be interested in this post about Twitter and job searches. While I can't personally speak to the utility of using Twitter as a job search tool, it certainly can't hurt to give it a try in today's challenging economy. 

100 Useful Twitter Tools and Feeds for Your Job Search

If you're searching for a job, surely you've learned about the extensive amount of tools available online to help you land your perfect position. But did you know that Twitter is the hottest job search tool out there today? It's true -- employers, recruiters, and job search sites are flocking to the service. Check out this list to find tools and feeds on Twitter that can be a great help to your job search.


Use these tools to search for the jobs being posted on Twitter.

  1. TwitterJobSearch: With TwitterJobSearch, you'll be able to find tweets about jobs posted on Twitter.
  2. TwitterTroll: TwitterTroll is a really useful real-time Twitter search engine.
  3. Twitter Job Finder: Find fresh jobs on Twitter from the last 7 days on Twitter Job Finder.
  4. Tweet Scan: Perform searches and register for email alerts using Tweet Scan.
  5. TwitterJobCast: TwitterJobCasts' local job search will help you see who is hiring on Twitter in your area.
  6. NearByTweets: You can search Twitter by keyword and location with NearByTweets.
  7. TwitHire: This Twitter-based job board broadcasts a variety of listings.
  8. JobMotel: Search for Twitter web developer jobs on this site.


With these tools, you'll be able to find and manage connections with others on Twitter.

  1. TwitterMind: With TwitterMind, you can seek out Twitter users from the companies you'd like to work for and ask them for referrals.
  2. Twellow: Use Twellow to identify the leaders you should connect with in your industry or community.
  3. Workhound: Find a directory of the best Twitter job feeds on Workhound.
  4. Just Tweet It: Find other Twitter users with similar interests on Just Tweet It.
  5. TwitDir: Find some of the top Twitter users in this Twitter directory.
  6. Twubble: Twubble will help you find more people to follow, reflecting on who your followers are following.
  7. Twollo: With Twollo, you'll be able to automatically follow users with similar interests to yours.
  8. FriendOrFollow: Find people you need to ditch, or followers you've overlooked with FriendOrFollow.
  9. Find People: With Twitter's Find People tool, you can find or invite the people in your email address books to join you on Twitter.
  10. Tweepsearch: Search Twitter bios and find recruiters using this tool.


Stay organized in your Twitter job search with these tools.

  1. TweetDeck: Use TweetDeck to categorize your Twitter feeds, separating contacts with job listing feeds, and more.
  2. Twuffer: Use Twuffer to compose and schedule future tweets.



  1. Flock O'Tweets: This Twitter tool allows you to get feeds of multiple Twitter users sent to you by RSS.
  2. Tweepler: Organize your followers and friends with the help of this app.
  3. Splitweet: If you're using separate Twitter accounts for different functions, Splitweet can help you out.
  4. offers a social micro database that works as a solution to list jobs and more.
  5. twtjobs: twtjobs is a simple career manager Twitter app.

Monitoring & Research

Stay on top of job alerts with the help of these tools.

  1. TweetBeep: Set up alerts to find out about jobs as soon as they're tweeted with the help of TweetBeep.
  2. TweetMyJobs: Subscribe to Twitter channels for jobs types and major cities, then get instant notification of new jobs on Twitter from TweetMyJobs.
  3. TwitterHawk: Find people talking on Twitter about your chosen topic and location using TwitterHawk.
  4. Twilert: Use this Twitter application to get regular email updates about tweets containing your brand, name, keyword, and more.
  5. Twitter Job Alerts: Get direct messages sent to your Twitter account that match your CareerBuilder searches by setting up alerts with Twitter Job Alerts.
  6. ConnectTweet: Learn about what's going on inside companies using ConnectTweet.
  7. Monitter: Monitter can be used to find information about companies and find conversations about them.
  8. Tweet Tag: Browse popular topics on Twitter and join in the conversation with Tweet Tag.

Your Message

Make the most of your Tweets by using these tools.

  1. VisualCV: Link your online resume created on VisualCV on your Twitter bio.
  2. PingVine: Use PingVine's service to automatically post an RSS feed from your blog to Twitter.
  3. HashDictionary: Become a part of a group by using their hashtag. You can find the most popular and usable ones on HashDictionary.
  4. HelloTXT: Make the most of your tweets by simulcasting them to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Advice & Professionals

Learn all about job searching on Twitter and beyond from these professionals and advice feeds.

  1. @exectweets: @exectweets will help you find and follow business executives on Twitter.
  2. @cbsalary: @cbsalary shares news and tools for job seekers who want to learn about salaries.
  3. @jobsearchnews: Here you'll find tweets full of the latest job search news.
  4. @JobAngels: The guardian angels on @jobangels can help you find a job, and assist you when you help others find a job as well.
  5. @PinkSlipParty09: Network with Pink Slip Party to help others find jobs, and find one for yourself as well.
  6. @theonlinebeat: Use @theonlinebeat as a meta-engine for finding a job on Twitter.
  7. @careertips: Get tips on your career with the help of Career Opportunities Broadcast.
  8. @workerswork: @workerswork shares career, job, and work related news.
  9. @JobHuntOrg: Susan Joyce is the owner of an award winning employment portal,
  10. @jobwisdom: Get tips and advice for job hunting on @jobwisdom.
  11. @PRjobs: Learn about Public Relations recruiting from Lindsay Olson.
  12. @MonsterCareers: Get career advice and discussions from
  13. @SimplyHired: Simply Hired works to make your job search simple and effective.
  14. @CAREERALISM: Get advice from top career experts and be alerted about opportunities through @CAREEREALISM.
  15. @snagajob: Get help with your part time or hourly job search from @snagajob.
  16. @jobhunting: Jim Stroud shares happy news from the job market.
  17. @ResumeBear: Follow @ResumeBear to learn how you can advance your career and improve your resume.
  18. @jobnob: Learn about real salaries and find a job with Jobnob.
  19. @jobshouts: Jobshouts is a great tool for finding a job through social media.
  20. @workhappynow: @workhappynow encourages people to be happier with their work.
  21. @BrazenCareerist: Get inspired to define your career and control your life by @BrazenCareerist.
  22. @microjobs: @microjobs works to connect people with new opportunities on Twitter.
  23. @applicants: @applicants shares information about jobs, freelancing, and more.
  24. @cheezhead: Joel Cheesman stays on top of Internet recruiting here.
  25. @tferriss: Tim Ferriss can teach you about loving your work more.
  26. @twtjobs: Use @twtjobs, a simple Twitter career management app.
  27. @CBforJobSeekers: Follow CareerBuilder's top job search experts here.

Job Listing Feeds

These feeds offer a direct line to job postings on Twitter.

  1. @Elance_Jobs: Find out about the latest featured jobs on here.
  2. @freelance_jobs: Learn about fresh freelance jobs straight from @freelance_jobs.
  3. @doscareers: @doscareers lists careers in Foreign Affairs.
  4. @rocketjobs: Follow @rocketjobs to get updates about the best jobs in Ireland.
  5. @thejobsguy: Ken Horst shares online recruiting and job search resources as well as new postings every day.
  6. @hiremymom: @hiremymom works to connect at-home professionals with jobs and projects.
  7. @RecruitDirect: Find direct jobs in Ireland on this Twitter account.
  8. @HRCrossing: Check out @HRCrossing for the latest in HR jobs.
  9. @media_pros: Find out about jobs for media professionals through @media_pros.
  10. @joblister: Find work throughout the US and Canada from @joblister.
  11. @myfirstpaycheck: Check out @myfirstpaycheck to find listings, resources, and more for teen job seekers.
  12. @jobsitejobs: @jobsitejobs will send you personal job tweets to help you find work.
  13. @travelnursejob: Follow @travelnursejob to learn about travel nursing opportunities throughout the US.
  14. @37jobs: Get listings from the 37signals job board on @37jobs.
  15. @elance: Learn about freelance opportunities through @elance.
  16. @web20jobs: Check out @web20jobs for a real time tracker of Web 2.0 jobs.
  17. @authenticjobs: Learn about savvy, authentic jobs available through @authenticjobs.
  18. @journalism_jobs: @journalism_jobs will alert you to jobs in journalism, editorial, PR, and media sales.
  19. @twitjobsearch: @twitjobsearch is the first semantic job search engine for Twitter.
  20. @euractivjobsite: Follow the EurActiv JobSite to get an EU job of the day.
  21. @execSearches: @execSearches connects talent with perfect positions.
  22. @odesk: Follow @oDesk to be a part of the marketplace for online workteams.
  23. @socialmediajob: Find your social media job on social media through @socialmediajob.
  24. @newretailjobs: Get the hottest retail job opening leads every 30 minutes from major cities through @newretailjobs.
  25. @juicyjobs: With @juicyjobs, you'll learn about green jobs in the UK.
  26. @execjobs: ExecJobs finds six figure jobs for executives on Twitter.
  27. @indeed: @indeed is a job search engine that aggregates all of the most important job sites.
  28. @jobsearch: Emurse's Twitter feed offers listings, advice, and more.
  29. @manpower: Find out what Manpower is recruiting for on this feed.
  30. @Joblighted: @Joblighted offers a feed of Twitter tech jobs.
  31. @publishingjobs: This feed will alert you to jobs in publishing available on Twitter.
  32. @startuphire: @StartUpHire will alert you to jobs available at startups backed with venture capital.
  33. @seojobs: Check out @seojobs to learn about SEO/SEM jobs available in the US.
  34. @WorkInSports: Make your passion your career by finding a job through @WorkInSports.
  35. @JobWire: Follow @JobWire to learn about the best jobs in Australia.
  36. @krop_jobs: @krop_jobs updates on the latest creative and tech jobs.
  37. @andywergedal PM jobs in Northern California