USE “Thank You” note envelopes.

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Everyone’s face lights up when they see one of those
little envelopes that are peculiar to “thank you” note cards – those tiny
little 4 x 4 white envelopes with barely enough room to write a name and
address on the front and a return address on the back. Fold your resume and cover letter together
carefully until they fit inside and then mail.

Don’t use labels, address each one by hand

Use this technique around any holiday – Christmas, New Year’s, Fourth
of July, etc.

Use a small size tasteful stamp.

If you feel you can afford it, use a stamp with your
picture on it. In Canada you can put
any picture you wish on a stamp.
Details on their Picture Postage program can be found here:

To really get noticed, use a stamp with their logo on
it and send them the rest.

of David Perry and Kevin Donlin